Fog Mountain

Lemon Trip




HOEK, aka Budapest/Amsterdam based Casimir Geelhoed, communicates through his music on a different level. His adventurous raw percussion and textures have a unique sense of depth and inventiveness. These elements combined with abstract ambience and exceptional rhythms, that often sound like they explore the outer edges of the musical landscape, create HOEK’s very own environment within the electronic genre.

Inspired by haunting tunes, mystical vibes and progressive song structures Lemontrip started composing music and created a sound which can be described as a melancholic blend of dreamy pads, obscure beats and crispy melodic leads. This Dutchman created an abstract path filled with a wide variety of senses along the way.

Know V.A.
Feico & Marijn, otherwise known as Know V.A. (Know Various Artists), have been together since the age of twelve. They went through their formative musical years together, growing up in Amsterdam’s Hip Hop scene, going through Breakcore, Drum & Bass and Rave phases and eventually settling on something that’s hard to put a label on